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When you expect to get something and you're extremely excited but then it turns out the whole idea was just some kind of sick joke.
Mum: Will, open your present! I know you'll ADORE it!
Will: *Hopes that it is the new gaming console, the Xbox 360*
Dad: *Smiles proudly, hoping that Will would be happy*
Will: *Tears open the present* 😑 Mate, dis is a facking book *Reads title* Holy crap, I'm not some sort of nerd mate, I don't read Dictionary's bruh
by Doggeeeee January 20, 2016

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That annoying guy that knows all the answers in class and reads every single book ever written.
Teacher: Who knows who the king of England is?
Class: (No answer)
Teacher: Yes ed?
Ed: (Says right answer)
Teacher: A+++ !
by Doggeeeee January 26, 2016

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