3 definitions by DoctorDr

to harass or to keep on carrying attacks (onto enemy territory)
POTUS: Harry them now! Granted!
Strat Com: Giving the order now, sir
Strat Com: I received word that the Nuclear Warheads are ready to fire on your count.

Potus: Granted. Harry granted.
by DoctorDr June 13, 2018
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persons in charge or has authority over the company, organization, or a server; must be respected and liked
Hey that big boss over there, he gave me special treatment! and special permissions to his office!
by DoctorDr December 3, 2017
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1. When you start to like someone, but you are to shy to say it in front of him/her.
Hey, I think I'm crushing on that girl right there, she looks hot.
by DoctorDr December 15, 2016
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