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To hug with enthusiasm. To pretty much tackle someone in greeting. Term used a lot over the internet. Often surrounded by "action stars, as in" *glomps buddy*
*Glomps B* Welcome back! We missed you! How was your vacation?

*Glomps A back* I missed you too! My vacation was great!!
by DoctorA April 18, 2004

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This is an action or ability or addiction whereby an individual who, to the annoyance of many, has multiple internet browser tabs open at once, usually 5 or more and often upwards of 15-20 and often for weeks on end. These individuals believe that they will, at some point in the next 12-24 hours, be able to browse the contents of each tab they have open and are irritated if the tabs are closed or "gone over" by a family member. More often than not, the individual either copies the tab links into an e-mail they hope to be able to find later or they close the tab reluctantly, realizing after 14-21 days that they will simply not have the time or that the contents of the link aren't interesting enough after all.
My day begins and ends with multitabbing.
by Doctora December 23, 2012

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