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A very smelly crap, or a fart so bad, it smells as if you have crapped yourself.
"Whoa, did someone take a Beef O'Brady in here?"
by Doctor Suppan May 14, 2007

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While midst coitus, a male retracts his penis from the orifice currently being ramrodded, and then the male commences peeing on his unsuspecting partner. He shouts "Tada!" as though he just completed a magic trick. It is named in honor of Roy Horn, legendary magician and tiger bitch.
No one ever expects the Yellow Roy.
by Doctor Suppan December 26, 2007

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Indeterminate thing that the character Chuck from "Rick and Steve" is willing to do only because he has AIDS. Most likely it has nothing to do with a mop but may involve a moustache.
"I can do a Michigan Mop Job, because I have nothing to lose."
by Doctor Suppan August 24, 2007

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