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a saying used in hawaii, usually when describing how good looking a chick or nice car is. Which is quite often due to the amount of hot girls in hawaii.

chick hot dope hawaii
if 2 guys see a hot girl walk by, one might say,

"eh brah hows dat chick?! MEAN ahh?"
by DJ Magnet December 19, 2008

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someone, usually a guy, thats just so overwelmingly dorky looking
john "hey check out that hot chick over there,"

mike "yeah too bad shes with that dorky-ass guy though"
by Dj Magnet September 04, 2008

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means Waste Of Pussy

a girl can be a W.O.P.
or what she does can be a W.O.P.
heres just a few examples:

the hot chick in a movie gets killed you say "man what a waste of pussy!"

or a girl thats just so messed up mentally and/or emotionally that shes undateable, shes a W.O.P.

when you see hot chick with an ugly guy (asian girls for example) thats a W.O.P.

by Dj Magnet September 04, 2008

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