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When a Paladin casts Divine Protection, Sealing him/herself inside a "bubble" of invincibility for 10 seconds. (World of Warcraft)

Can also be when a Mage uses Mana Shield and becomes absorbant of all damage up to a limited amount.
"Wanda wasn't hurt when she got attacked by the gnolls, she bubbled."

"Morky would have gotten one-shotted, but he was bubbled."
by Divyblaze March 10, 2006
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Divine Protection (World of Warcraft). A spell that a Paladin can cast on him/herself once every 5 minutes that makes them immune to all damage and removes all effects, and it last 10 seconds.

Generally referred to as a "bubble", or "to bubble"

Sometimes used in battlegrounds to secure the flag in Warsong Gulch or to "Bubble-hearth", a (usually seen as very cowardly) to their Hearthstone location out of fights, raids or groups.
"I had to chase Wanda all the way to the flag room because she DP'ed."

"I was almost slaughtered by a gang of Murlocs, but I DP'ed and ran."
by Divyblaze March 10, 2006
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