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1. Getting sexed from the ass.

2. Popularized by the best show ever: South Park.
When Johnny got owned by Sally, Sally resonded with: "You just got "F'd" in the "A".

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A common "diss" mostly used in Unreal Tournament online.

Translates to: Laugh out Loud Fuck In Your Face Sauce.
I Killed you, Lolfukinurfacesos.

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1. Declaring the state of being "On".

2. A phrase coming from the greatest TV series in the galaxy: "South Park".

3. pneumonoultramicroscopic - silicovolcanoconiosis.
It's on you pig scraping, rectal gut, lolly-gagging, apple husking, sour-dust snorting, tick biting, family guy watching avacado hand roll.

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