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Lumps on a woman's chest that tend to have a staring problem. Larger one's tend to stare more than others.
Can you please tell your boobs to stop staring at me?
by Dirty Slate January 19, 2011
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1: A pussy/vagina--typically only refers to a desirable one.

2: Some girls feel awkward when you say "pussy" in front of them, thus this term has been created to give "pussy" a funner, more relaxed, and chiller connotation. Fun girls tend to get horny upon hearing the word.

3: Not just any pussy, a pussy that you really want to be in (Thus, the term can even be used to describe the girl as a whole).
1: "I came here to get some wizzy, but all the beezys (bitches) here are beat!"

(In this context, you shouldn't have to define it for the other person. The other person should immediately be like, "Wizzy?! That's a sick word. You come up with it?"

2: "Girl, lemme get in ya wizzy." (Be slick with this one, let her realize you're a badass)

3: "Brah, let's go fish for some wizzy."
by Dirty Slate January 17, 2011
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