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Abbreviation for "Press Lots Of Keys To Abort". This is a mode of operation seen used by many computer users, and even on occasion by administrators. Users who use the PLOKTA method are often said to have "entered PLOKTA mode."

In the PLOKTA mode of operation, the user has attempted all sensible ways of exiting or stopping a hung or undesireable process (trying to close it, trying to force-quit or Ctrl-Alt-Del the program, trying to reboot the computer) and the attempts have failed. At this point the user will begin stabbing at the Ctrl-Alt-Del or Apple-Esc keys repeatedly and with greater force, then normally resort to bludgeoning the keyboard with their fists while screaming expletives in the direction of the offending application.

PLOKTA mode can also be applied to other electronic devices besides PC's. Other frequent victims of PLOKTA mode operations are vending machines, ATM's, Cell Phones, and any number of other consumer electronics.

It has been shown that, while an effective stress release tool, the use of PLOKTA mode generally does not restore normal operation of the device in question.
"Lance was almost done editing the footage in FinalCut when he gota the pinwheel of death and went into PLOKTA mode."

"Dirk was working on the new product docs when Word went belly-up. He went into PLOKTA mode and started screaming and crying at the computer."

For rather extreme video examples, search YouTube or GoogleVideo for the terms "Angry German Kid" and "Boom Headshot"
by Dirkus Maximus December 16, 2006
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