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A verb used to describe the action of beating a game with the maximum amount of efficiency and ease, normally done by annoying fat people who wanna look cool for progressing quickly. Luking involves using exploits and gimmicks in order to progress faster and cheat the game. Someone who lukes thinks: "if its in the game the developers intended for players to use it". A practitioner of luking has a flawed mindset of spending all their energy on a game just to feel accepted and beat the game faster than their friends, when in reality no one cares. No one likes people who luke.
Person 1: yeah I totally just luked that game.
Person 2: how so?
Person 1: I just beat botw in under an hour bro i'm so cool.
Person 2: How do you get any enjoyment from that?
Person 1: well, I used cheats and hacks to complete the game quickly and it was super fun.
Person 2: Dude that is messed up bro stop luking.

Person 1: Don't care didn't ask lol.
by Dinkygoo March 21, 2020
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