18 definition by Dillon Farnum

Not a funny man. At all
I saw Orange County, and wanted to stab my eyes out
by Dillon Farnum January 03, 2005

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The most evil city in the US
Think about it. What comes from Seattle?


See? All of them EVIL
by Dillon Farnum March 19, 2005

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One of the worst Presidents in American history. Like Ronald Reagan, he made everyone feel good, so they all loved him despite his complete ineptitude
Come on, people. The guy screwed up the invasion of Cuba, and got the US involved in Viet nam. I can't think of one positive thing he did
by Dillon Farnum April 23, 2005

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A guitar God who never did drugs or alcohol, although he got more ass than a toilet seat. He has a different point of view than most rock musicians, as he is entitled to. His songs own, and anybody who criticizes him obviously hasn't heard much of his work
Ted Nugent rebels against the rock mainstream
by Dillon Farnum June 21, 2005

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