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sturdy carnivorous burrowing mammal with strong claws widely distributed in the northern hemisphere

ie found quite often in the UK. the UK! they're viscious bastards when you piss them off. oh and some girls make badger noises during rough sex. haha.

see also bananaphone
i hit a badger at 70 down a country last night. now it's worm food
by Dijital May 22, 2004
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interestingly enough the Brown Out is an output pin on a Microcontroller chip that indicates when power to the system is failing. e.g. when your TV tells you that the batteries in your remote are low it is because the Brown Out has flagged up a warning and the remote has transmitted that warning signal on to the TV

oh and it sounds like poo. haha
"The Brown Out is at a logic 1"
by Dijital May 22, 2004
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