3 definitions by Digital Guy

snuggle smuggler: oh no the {pussy patrol}
Cat Officer 1: Stop right there! we have evidence to prove you are hiding illegal pussy
snuggle smuggler: ohh nooo
by Digital Guy July 26, 2018
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Picolas Cage is a being created when you located a Nicolas Cage, cover him in cucumber, and ferment him like you would a pickle. When the fermentation process is complete, it will break free, often arming itself with any nearby weapons, and go on a murdering spree, often shouting movie quotes from Nicolas Cage modified to be pickle puns
Guy 1: Me dad got killed yesterday.
Guy 2: Awe man, what happened?
Guy 1: Another Picolas Cage rampage
*Picolas Cage pulls out his ak47 murders all the innocents*
by Digital Guy July 25, 2018
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