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Spirits who have homosexual tendencies. It is often theorosized that they are the cause of all homosexuality within this world. They communicate by penetrating their victim's anus with their spirit penis and ejaculating ectoblasm into the inners of their anus. It is considered an honor in some native american societies.
Chris: Oh dude, I felt something in my butt!!??
Liam: wasn't me bro!
Luke: are you fuckin' kidding me?
Chris: No, it's icy hot!
Liam: oh golly gee!
Luke: ...yeah, that must be the rectal ghosts
by DiesIrae92 December 23, 2011

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James Bond's middle name. Mentioned in the fourth book, it was originally going to be written as James "Humphrey" Bond. However, after careful discussion with the editors, Sir Ian Flemming stated the following "I'd rather name him dogshit" so he settles for Dave as the middle name. He found inspiration from a homosexual, homeless man who lived next door to him in his youth. His name was also Dave. Hence the subcontext that James "Dave" Bond was also a vary gay individual who never fully excepted his sexuality and acted out in perversion with women in an attempt to cover this fact up.
Chris: Guys! Guess what!
Luke/Liam: what?
Chris: Jame's Bond's full name is James Dave Bond and he's gay! I'm so happy that I have someone I can relate to!!!
Luke: dude...your middle name's Martin.
Liam: at least the gay part's right
Chris: darn toodily-doo!!! :D
by DiesIrae92 January 01, 2012

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