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verb -An act of pinching or rubbing someone(woman)'s nipples, preferrably with fingers (sometimes softly with nails).

noun - nipples of a woman

- While having dinner at the restaurent yesterday, i was nipping her continuously. She was so aroused that she almost screamed in public.
- Yesterday the bus was so crowded and I saw a man nipping a woman standing beside. She could not stop but enjoy as both of her hands were stuck in the jam.


-The wardrobe malfunction at the fashion show caused her nips to be out in the public. I loved the view her cherries.

- I love to suck her nips.
by Dicky Tom June 26, 2010
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A brand of t-shirt only meant for busty women, who like their t-shirt to be busted in public view.
The origin of the name is from a very old incident. Once upon a time, a busty woman wore this shirt(very cheap) and her tees got busted and boobies were out. From then onwards, the brand was renamed to bustedtees.
Yesterday she wore a Bustedtees and guess what happened!! Her mellons were out with full view in the pub.
by Dicky Tom June 26, 2010
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