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An incarnation of personal justice manifested in the form of a D6-8U bulldozer vehicle with 1-inch blackened steel plating welded over the engine, treads, and driver's compartment, with optional viewing slits and/or armored hi-caliber gun turrets. Useful for demolishing business establishments owned by those who have done you injustice.

The current version of the killdozer sports a weakness in the cooling system for the engine, resulting in a tendency for radiator blowout and stalling. Future revisions of the Killdozer (v.2.0+) will have an upgraded radiator cooling system coupled with more efficient ventilation, along with a higher capcity fuel tank to allow for more bulldozing justice. Optional upgrades include a menacing new paintjob, metal spikes welded on the driver's compartment to prevent boarding by corrupt small-town police officers, bulletproof viewing window for better target identification, and an escape pod in the event that vehicle is disabled.
After having to close his muffler business due to the corrupt zoning practices of the city officials, Marvin decided to destroy the businesses of those responsible for his downfall with his self-made killdozer.
by Dick Justice June 05, 2004

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to acknowledge that you have a problem with someone
"im gonna squash that beef"
by Dick Justice September 01, 2003

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