3 definitions by Diasent

A term used by scam artists to charge exorbitant prices for mutts.
My friend tried to sell me a Labradoodle for $1000 calling it a designer dog. I told him that the difference between a $50 dog and a $500 dog were papers and you can't get no papers on a mutt.
by Diasent January 8, 2015
When you are blocked from a social media community for being in a racial, cultural, or other category while expressing opinions the category generally disagrees with.
I stated that all you have to do is work hard and get out of poverty in my BLM Facebook group and they gave me an Uncle Tom Ban.
by Diasent December 31, 2022
A person who protests just to brag about how good of a person they are.
White liberals don't really care about black people, they are just a bunch of soapbox activists.
by Diasent March 29, 2022