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1. noun, it is the word used by the elves to design an elf who turned into a dark elf.

2. noun, a famous elf who left his community in order to gain evil powers from the dark elves.

3. adj, perfeccionist, powerful.
1. That elf turned into a dark elf, he is a daegaladh.

2. Daegaladh was a normal elf in the past, but he went to the dark side.

3. You are really perfeccionist in all your designs, you are daegaladh.
by DevilEvil July 27, 2010
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1. adj, To be greatly fantastic.

2. verb, to own everybody.

3. noun, a popular Spanish Ragnarok Online community.
1. He is a great boy, he is such a divinero.

2. A: I heard you pushed them back.
B: Yeah, I divinero.

3. Divinero is the best RO community.
by DevilEvil July 25, 2010
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