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myspace used to be, for generally OLDER more MATURE well GROWN UP persons to meet new people because they are far too much of carpet munchers to go up to people on their own and resort to a computer to meet them, now it has come to the point where PREteeangers post personality quizs that they lied on, purposely use slutty pictures to attract older man the opposite of their color, write a bullshiting biography so people will (hopefully) find them cool and believe that it is some kind of secret replacment for livejournal even though they have no idea how to use the blogging tool, so they just comment their lives off, but mostly tell each other how hotottttt or sexxxiii or "pretty" each other are, just so they like each other, even though in the back of their minds they are just saying, "that bitch is so hideous" and so they post this shit all over the internet, they are dumb enough to make one, and they are even dumber to think that the internet they post iton only their gay bag friends view even though the entire school reads it, so you approach this hideous piece of shit and say, "hey i have seen your myspace" and they go, "WHAT WHO ARE YOU!?!?! YOU STALKER" and you say, "um it's public, that is not stalking" and then they realize ohhh yeahh like DUH!
"Oh wow hey joe, nice to see you, I'm glad we found a way to keep in touch"
"yes that's rad, we should get together"

*late night online randomly searching this trashbags and comes across a picture of an 8th grader wearing her underwear posing like a porn star*
*in school the next day coming across the girl in your algebra class*
"hey i saw your myspace over the weekend"
by Devereaux May 31, 2005

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