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a guarantee of immunity from violence or other acts dangerous to one's person or property when in another's territory. Usually given by someone with a great deal of street credibility in a designated area and may often convey respect for another who has similar credibility (or connections thereto) in a different area. It is unwise to cross into another's territory without "announcing" yourself and requesting a G Pass. (Think hall pass for gangsters)
A west side gang member was caught on the East side without a G pass and therefore beat down and robbed.

A rapper from another city would be wise to contact the street powers that be in a city they plan to perform in to request a G Pass or they may be robbed, killed, extorted, or otherwise accosted. Biggie did not have a G Pass on the West Coast. Young Berg does not have a G Pass in Detroit and therefore is continually robbed and beat up every time he goes.

"blasting my city thats yo ass in my city need a pass in my city and im mr. hall monitor" -Big Sean "Home Town"
by DetroitWestSide7mile October 25, 2011

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