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Not to be confused with "XD" or "xD". xd is a sarcastic laugh. usually when someone points something stupid about another person.
Jim: haha i raided your base
John: i killed you before you even stole anything xd
by DesiredApple1 August 27, 2019

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short for script kiddie, what pissed 17 year olds say when someone hacks in a lego game called roblox. Mostly used by thots that work for cafe games.
Hacker: *turns on fling exploit*

Thot at cafe game: get out of here skid
by DesiredApple1 September 02, 2019

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a way of bypassing the word "fuck" on roblox
Noob23452: haha i stole your stuff

Pro32956: fuucckg you
by DesiredApple1 August 16, 2019

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Almost every single fucking white 8-14 year old on a platform called Roblox
This player type originated in 2016 or possibly before, these players are edgy as fuck and almost ruined the game
How to know if someone is a wannabe gangster on Roblox, they usually:
Pretend they're black when they're actually white
Online date, usually in this shitty sub-game in Roblox called MeepCity. In this sub-game, they usually try to look for lego pussy, roleplaying as a stripper or pretending to smoke weed,
Play hip-hop music all the fucking time
Always insert "lmao" after every sentence
They sometimes act anti-semantic
They wear the "Err" face. if you play Roblox you'll know what this is.
Always think you're mad and comment it out to try and look badass, not giving a shit about how much they are embarrassing themselves.
Use phrases such as "bruh"

These fucktards have ruined Roblox. You can't deny it
In a MeepCity party:
Wannabe Gangster: "*Throws money* GO SHAKE THAT AS GIRL" (They type "as" to bypass the word "ass" because Roblox filters it)
Oder Stripper: "*Shakes as*"
Another Wannabe Gangster: "*Smokes We'd*" (Bypass for "weed", these fucking children shouldn't roleplay about drugs or stripping, this is fucking retarded)
Exploiter: Joins game and blows everyone up
Every Wannabe Gangster: "BRUH HACKER"..."lol im reporting this boi he doesn't have skill so he hacks" (how the fuck can you have skill in a shitty oder game)

Exploiter: "(Insert bypass for "Fuck off"), Stop roleplaying as gangsters and stop od'ing, you are like 10"
The Wannabe Gangsters continue to scream about how someone is supposedly mad and how hacking is bannable but od'ing isn't.
by DesiredApple1 October 09, 2019

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Your best friend when you need to watch porn but you're using your office wifi
Man I wanted to watch porn so I used Tor Browser to bypass the wifi's website blocking
by DesiredApple1 October 03, 2019

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a horny 10-year-old Roblox ODer that goes onto CON CON CON CON CON CON games and fucks lego girls in the pussy, when they're most likely actually guys in real life. he also goes on rants about how YouTubers like greenlegocats123 are manipulative when in reality they're just showing opinions against ODing, which is against roblox TOS, Without any evidence that he's manipulative at all. I actually disagree with some of greenlegocats123's opinions but this little retarded ODer is just whining because he can't get lego pussy because of him. I can't wait for his mom to spank him after she finds PornHub in his internet history.
>Cash Black goes onto flovs condo
>fake girl continues so blow his lego dick harder
>roblox shuts down the condo game
Cash Black: FUCK I was so horny I was jacking my real life dick off to lego roblox porn
Cash Black: fuck, greenlegocats123 uploaded another video against oders, time to whine my little ass off about how he's manipulative.
by DesiredApple1 October 15, 2019

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People in Roblox that are obsessed with the Valk hat
iiomqOceanzx: omg the valk price dropped so low I bought it! Did you?
urheadsaresobigomg: stfu valkfag
by DesiredApple1 October 01, 2019

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