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a horny 10-year-old Roblox ODer that goes onto CON CON CON CON CON CON games and fucks lego girls in the pussy, when they're most likely actually guys in real life. he also goes on rants about how YouTubers like greenlegocats123 are manipulative when in reality they're just showing opinions against ODing, which is against roblox TOS, Without any evidence that he's manipulative at all. I actually disagree with some of greenlegocats123's opinions but this little retarded ODer is just whining because he can't get lego pussy because of him. I can't wait for his mom to spank him after she finds PornHub in his internet history.
>Cash Black goes onto flovs condo
>fake girl continues so blow his lego dick harder
>roblox shuts down the condo game
Cash Black: FUCK I was so horny I was jacking my real life dick off to lego roblox porn
Cash Black: fuck, greenlegocats123 uploaded another video against oders, time to whine my little ass off about how he's manipulative.
by DesiredApple1 October 15, 2019
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A method of crashing roblox servers used by lua script execution.

It basically spams the chat with 1,764 kilobytes of text, flooding the server.

It can freeze everyone in the game, make the chat not appear and even kick players
person 1: SO MUCH LAG WTH
person 2: it must have been a 1764
by DesiredApple1 November 29, 2019
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The number you'd get if you convert numbers 10 and after into letters until you reach the letter 'V' being the number 31, then typed out the alphabet until you reached v then convert it to normal numbers
Person 1: give me a number that nobody has ever put on the internet
Person 2: 420084371229014400600288428088888
by DesiredApple1 April 12, 2020
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a way of bypassing the word "fuck" on roblox
Noob23452: haha i stole your stuff

Pro32956: fuucckg you
by DesiredApple1 August 17, 2019
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the beginning of every single fucking .exe file that exists
Some retarded millenial: omg sonic.exe is so scary!!!
Nerd: MZ .exe files are MS DOS executables not creepypasta shit
by DesiredApple1 October 22, 2019
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Your best friend when you need to watch porn but you're using your office wifi
Man I wanted to watch porn so I used Tor Browser to bypass the wifi's website blocking
by DesiredApple1 October 3, 2019
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