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Trona. A mythical city in the deserts of California. Temporary home to lost souls before being sucked into hell by a black hole. Rumored to be infected with a Zombie virus.
Ray went to Trona as his last effort to hide from the world, we never heard from him again.
by DesertExplorer May 21, 2011
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Used by extremist environmentalists to refer to acts by human beings inside of nature. Essentially derogatory towards those who believe that even the thoughtful sharing of nature's amenities with humans is ultimately always destructive to nature, and thus a perversion of the natural order of nature. It is a stance which declares that humans do not belong in nature, and are not an integral part of nature.
The pervation caused by the hiking trail in the nature preserve has permanantly altered the eco-system in a manner which will utimately lead to the collapse of the entire region.
by DesertExplorer May 18, 2011
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