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Devo is a man not a myth, a Devo is the King of all Cockblockers (CB). Once you break the ice with a chick he slides right in to Cockblock you. This man is usually hairy and doesn't mind if you have been talking to a girl for five minutes of an hour, he will swoop in like a vulture. He is so slick you don’t even know this is happening until he is in and your looking the back of his head.

A Devo is also someone who will claim to have talked to her first yet even the women you have been speaking to acknowledges you were first. A Devo will pull out all the stops just to CB you in any situation. He is just like a He adapts to any situation on a drop of a hat. His career will change in all environments, his location, his history will adapt to your needs and if all else falls he will pull out the trump card. This is the killer of all, the good old trip to check out his custom motorcycle!!

If a Devo is around you can’t even go to the bathroom, if you leave for even a second he will fill her head with stories beyond your imagination.

So this is a warning, “Beware of the Devo”, he is always lurking in bars, night clubs and any social gatherings.

A great Example:

You are on vacation with all your boys, having a great time. You’re all out on a ride with the bikes and you decide to stop at a bar. You’re only stopping for a quick one and to check out the scenery. One of your friends promptly heads to the bar to buy a round. He fights his way though a crowd of people. Within that crowd we past you notice handfuls of women; it looked like a stocked pond. Your buddy who steps up to the bar to by a round notices a chick trying to do the same thing. He starts to chat with her while waiting to place his order of frosty’s for you and your crew. After some time and finally passing you your cold one and you notice he is still talking to that chick which isn’t all that bad.

So let’s take a second a d recap, You buddy bought you a nice frosty adult beverage, the place is jammed full of chicks like a stocked pond. Get all that, ok then lets move on.

You notice he is still talking to her and out of the corner of your eye you see the dreaded Devo. He appears out of no where and warms up for his game. He looked like Jonathan Papelbon warming up in the bullpen with a 1 run lead. Then he swoops in with his magical powers and starts’ throwing more picks the Dennis Rodman in his prime that even any NBA would sign the Devo.

Everywhere you look you see your buddy trying to get back in there but he can’t. Your buddy waits to see what the Devo will do but he keeps going without a breather or even a bathroom break. You almost wonder if he has a hollow leg. Then your buddy just decides to give up.

That is the story of a “Devo” nick name CB

You have been warned, “BEWARE OF THE DEVO”
by Derek Griffin May 28, 2008
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