4 definitions by Depression_is_in_session

A name for an idiot, but a jokey name
Kim: How do you turn the tv on?
Sarah: like this, you nincompoop
by Depression_is_in_session May 09, 2018
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If your name is John Brolly you are the luckiest boy alive. If snoop dog had a son, it would be John Brolly. He will often crush on twins or triplets. He's a bit of a weird kid, and some girls would call him a roast pea. He has a good heart and is friends with everyone. He gets all the girls because of how awesome he is.
Girl: have you seen John Brolly? He's such a roast pea.

Twins: He's has a crush on one of us!

Triplets: omg same!
Snoop dog: John Brolly my son
Boys: Why does John get all the girls!
by Depression_is_in_session October 23, 2018
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A drink that many white girls drink while in large oversized hoodies,no makeup on and a messy bun in there hair, because they think it gives them a cool fall aesthetic but really it makes them look like fake pieces of shit
Have you seen that girl drinking the pumpkin spice latte? She's so fake
by Depression_is_in_session October 27, 2018
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