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Emo is a music type and sub-culture.
This will cover the sub-culture.
Emo is short for emotional.

People who are "Emo" tend to wear tight jeans and a black T-shirt or colourful T-shirt. Their hair is usually just past shoulder length, dyed black or white blonde and covers one eye.

A common belief is that emos are severely depressed suicidal homosexual melodramatic attention-seekers. This is not the case. It is true some are depressed/suicidal/homosexual/melodramatic/attention-seeking, but a lot of them aren't.

They are usually down to earth, easy to talk to, get along with, non-threatening. If your going through something tough in your life they are good people to talk to because they aren't judging, understand life and are able to keep secrets.

So don't be an emo-hater just because they're not "Mainstream" like you. They are just more deep, friendly and understanding then you.
Hater: Emos are severely depressed suicidal homosexual melodramatic attention-seekers that need to get over themselves.
*next day*
News: Person found dead today with 13 knifes in his back.
by DepressedAngel July 18, 2011
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