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Now with over 1,000 students, this school was once a good college prep school, now turned into a fallen apart waste of money. Students should expect nothing but disappointment if attending there now. Things took a turn for the worst a few years ago when the school ran out of regular printer paper and handed out assignments on green colored paper. That's how broke it became. The good teachers are starting to leave one by one, and the current principal is making the school more like LIC high school (and that is NOT a good thing).

While the school does get students into colleges, they do a mediocre job at best. But the biggest issue is the overcrowding has led to several problems such as: oversized gym classes, health in the AUDITORIUM where nobody can hear shit, no pep rallies due to the auditorium reaching maximum capacity, and a lack of desks for the cramped classes, leaving students to sit on the floor or share the already tiny desk space with others.

WHAT KIND OF BITCH ASS SHIT IS THAT? Seriously, this school might have been good five years ago, but it's gone off the deep end. Staff pick favorites and let some get away with harassment and bullying, the faculty have censored students opinions, and the teachers are given jobs they don't want to do just so the school can save that $$$ and not hire anyone else.

One little plus, I hear they added Physics back. I guess that's a good step...
Parent: You're a graduate of Academy of American Studies? I was thinking about sending my kid there.
Alumnus: Nah are you crazy? That run down shit hole just keeps getting worse year by year. They'll just throw your student into the overcrowded population and make him/her suffer.
Parent: Hmmm, maybe i'll consider another school.
Alumnus: Damn right you better
by DemonicSatan666 October 03, 2016

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The act of lying to the parents of the girl you got pregnant. To properly execute this, one must look the parents straight in the eyes and say "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" in a calm, cool kind of way.
Person 1: Yo I heard Moniqua's parents think you got her knocked up!
Person 2: Yeah but I Bill Clinton'd my way out of that and now everyone's cool with each other!
by DemonicSatan666 June 19, 2016

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