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A pangina is created when the stitching of the crotch of any article of trousers/pants or shorts becomes undone to create a hole in the place of which, on a woman, the vagina would be. It derives from a combination of "pants" and "vagina".
Whilst warming up for the 100m hurdles, I heard a large rip in my pants. When I looked down to investigate, I was shocked to behold that I now have a pangina.
by DemonicRabbitSkull November 24, 2007
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1) A high-speed, highly productive professional tool used by people in the top fields of the entertainment industry, graphic and web design.
Often hated on by people who don't understand anything about it, or base their judgements on older models. Lasts longer than a PC, comes pre-installed with drivers, easily communicates with external devices, has no viruses (and therefore has no need for anti-virus software that takes up all the memory) and is completely user friendly.
It comes with a mouse that has one button, but people do not understand that you can attach any other mice to it, and it recognises it without driver installation.
Not optimised for computer gaming, but only nerds and 12 year olds buy a computer soley for gaming. All popular titles can work on an Apple Mac anyway.
Highly priced because it's worth it.

2) A company that manufactures and distributes the Apple Mac computer, notebooks and the world famous ipod and itunes music store.

3) Not an immitation of a PC, because people don't understand that historically, a mac came before the PC.
1) I will create 5 movie posters in Adobe Photoshop on a Mac in the time it takes a PC to load photoshop. I just received an email from a friend about a virus going around... delete.

2) Everyone has an apple iPod. iPods are the best on the market and iTunes is the most productive music downloading store in the world.

3) People are ignorant and bitter that htye can't afford an Apple Computer
by DemonicRabbitSkull October 22, 2006
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