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A sub-genre of Hardcore Techno that utilizes extremely fast beats coupled with layers of harsh sounds and warped vocal samples.

Speedcore as a genre starts its beats off in the high 200 BPM and can result in tunes reaching a 1000 BPM and more. The faster and harsher sounds are often labelled as 'Ultra Speedcore'.

Speedcore has cousins in Terrorcore, Noizecore and Gabba. It has also spawned a further sub-genre, commonly known as Extratone.

Some excellent examples of the different types (speed rates) of Speedcore include -

ANC - Terrorklaenge
DJ Noisekick VS Kerberos - 666 BPM
Hellz Army - Doomed (DJ Tense)
Komprex - The Centrifuge Anthem
TerrorMasta - BrainBrainBrainBrain
Speedcore isn't music, it's extreme noise.

by Delije April 04, 2006

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In a nutshell, Extratone is Speedcore intensified.

Whereas most Speedcore tracks commonly reach speeds ranging from the high hundreds to a 1000 BPM, Extratone takes it one step further - all tracks are beating at a bare minimum of 1000 BPM.

Listening to Extratone, one can easily discern the extreme harsh sounds - screams, total static noise and layer-upon-layer of beats.

An excellent example of an Extratone track is -

Mister Joker & Dooky - Those White Rappers (Destroy Them)
Goodness, Extratone is worse than Speedcore!
by Delije April 04, 2006

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