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The art of using the rifle mounted grenade launcher in Call Of Duty 4
Damn it Sutton stop using that damn noob tube
by Deliciouschuck September 05, 2008

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The head of conefusciounisim, conefuscious lived thousands of years ago and taught the world the morals of smoking bongs and having rspect for your elders. Not to be confused with Confuscious his do gooder brother who never touched drugs in his life.
Keiran - I follow my life by the teachings of Conefuscious.
Tim - And what is that?

Keiran- smoke bongs everyday

by Deliciouschuck September 06, 2008

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A person in COD 4 who chooses to camp with a 50.cal sniper rifle for the duration of the game. The 50 cal although unlocked late in the game requires no skill and is used by most noobs or nublets
Damn it Sutton stop being a 50. cal camper. camping in the top room with the 50 cal is for noobs you suck so much its not funny the only reason you get kills is because you have the 50 cal and the only reason you have that is because you have played over 800games.
by Deliciouschuck September 06, 2008

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