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Meaning if you say something and it makes sense. Especially if it's difficult to describe a particular item, or emotion
"Her hair is more almond than red"

"Well put"
by Definitiiiiion August 09, 2017

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The best damn educator alive. Some define Mark Rubel as the god of the audio world. He owns his own studio (pogo studio) based in Nashville TN. As well as being a kick ass audio engineer, he is also a registered weapon/ wizard. His cusinne of choice is anything that doesn't involve meat, as he is a vegetarian/ animal lover.
Man: I'm lucky to have a professor like Mark Rubel
by Definitiiiiion September 18, 2018

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A menace to Franklin, TN. He works hard, and loves harder.
Man, I wish I was as cool as Chandler Welling
by Definitiiiiion June 11, 2021

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