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(noun) A state of mind in which a person begins to mix up another's words to have a completely reversed meaning.
I hate drunken dyslexia, I thought she said "someone to do" not "something to do" long story short i now have a restraining order.
by Definitely Raining April 08, 2010

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Nasti is when something is gross, or nasty, but when you add the "i" at the end, it becomes slutty-ier.
Bob: "That girl Candi is sooo nasti"
Jimmy: "True dat brotha, nasti!"
by Definitely Raining April 24, 2008

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Acronym for personality on display. Typically used in text conversations with regard to people watching.
Man, that hipster wearing the Yale blue "KALE" shirt is kind of attractive. Too bad his POD looks obnoxious as hell.
by Definitely Raining February 06, 2015

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