2 definitions by DeeJay Ferosh

The person in charge of delivering fierce beats (aka music) during late night assemblies of party people at clandestine events. These people are usually high on drugs and engaged in "cracktivities" while the Beat Conductor commands the beats to be "fierce."
The usual suspects were hanging out at Maverick's house for afterhours when DeeJay Ferosh's roll kicked in and he grabbed a handful of disco sticks and played Beat Conductor on the mixing board.
by DeeJay Ferosh February 7, 2009
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1. A glow stick or other brightly flashing stick-like object used commonly in nightclubs and crack houses for entertaining people high on drugs.

2. An erection caused by a combination of drugs and dance music. Usually leads to "booty calls" and "picking up trade."
Jeremy loved sitting in the corner away from the others while watching Billy twirl his disco sticks.

David's friends decided to perform an intervention when, after his last afterhours party, everyone on Manhunt was buzzing about his fierce music and even fiercer disco stick...
by DeeJay Ferosh January 31, 2009
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