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Just F'ing with someone
eh, yo, what's the ellos/ellas form of Sacar?


Sacan deez nuts!!!!!
by Dee Loc September 21, 2004

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the definition above is slightly,cough..total bullshit. American Eagle and Abercrombie are considered trashy by real towson standards, if you live here you undoubtedly have shopped at cohens, you hate wearing tennis shoes(only wallabees, docksiders, or flipflops will do), you can outdrink anyone from out of state in college (and could since sophomore year high school), drunk driving is a way of life (unfortunately) but we're damn good at it, baseball is gay (but o's games are a great excuse to get ripped)and you hate the yankees (but dont know why), you play lacrosse or uh no one knows you, you are so good at ruit, or pong, that colleges offer you scholarships your junior year, you can spot another towson kid a mile away, and see everyone else as aliens, if you really do live in towson then you will stay there your entire life because nothing else is home to you, 200person houseparties arent once a month occurances, there are a few a weekend,
miaa championship game, your either playing in it or your drunk watching it,
by dee loc April 04, 2005

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Maryland’s pride and joy, as far as beer goes at least. Brewed along with its brethren Colt 45 by Baltimore’s own National Brewery in the late 19th century, Mr. Boh symbolizes the best of everything Baltimore. Unfortunately National Brewery went out of business shortly after the Second World War. "Natty-Boh" and Colt still exist today however, brewed by Pabst Blue Ribbon. Boh is only distributed to Maryland and very limitedly to southern Pennsylvania. Continues to be the quintessential crab beer and Baltimore high school students best choice for an excellent tasting, inexpensive beer. Foreigners will never understand the significance of that little one eyed pimp on the side of the can/bottle and hopefully things will continue to be this way. Bmore what up!
Simply, The sight of 17 year olds strolling out of a liquor store, each carrying their own 12pack of Boh.

"Hey man your making a run, pick me up a 12 of Boh."
by dee loc May 03, 2005

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