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The chav, more commonly known as 'Arsing scumbags'. The group of youths that have commonly given teenagers are bad name. Thus chavs should be hung up, shot, gutted, quartered and run over by a Buick.

To identify a chav, use the common aging sports brands, the stupid gorilla look and walk, the burbery clothing and baseball caps that are too small for their own head. The chav generally has a very low IQ - ranging between -4 and 3.

The motives to chavs actions are the appearance of wanting to be 'Bling' (as the chavites say). The 'Ardnuts' are the most commonly respected and thus the most hated.
Kev: "Bling bling innit my homie Mary?"
Mary: "Innit Kev!"
Kev: "You gotta fag?"
Mary: "What the fuck you think i'd give you a fab ya gay?"
Kev: "Aye yer mum."
Mary: "Back off nigga before I pop an Ice Cream in your ass!"
Kev: "Let's fuck off and happy slap some old wankers!"
Mary: "Aye yer mum."
by Decster584 May 23, 2005

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The large doughnut can mean mean many things depending on the context.

However in this context it merely means an oversized doughnut, with the added capabilities of flattening things, e.g. a chav. And that's always a good thing.
Person 1: "Hey there's a large doughnut rolling down that hill."
Person 2: "It flattened that chav!"
Both: "Yay!"
by Decster584 May 23, 2005

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