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Simple minded, rural and inbred. Poor excuses for homosapiens. Diet Consists of roasted racoon and roadkill. usually has around 12 children, all named cleetus, britney or clancey. Lives in trailers or shacks. often mistaken for game. the combined IQ of a family of hillbilly's often challenges the IQ of the raodkill they eat, which is approximatly how many teeth they have (less then 5)

Phrases often used:
ma (mother)
pa (father)
food (roadkill)
crocodillo (rodent)
spoon (any general tool)
ahuhug (hillbilly laugh)
toilet (sink)
them posh city folk (humans)
aha ahugugh (pass the salt)

only a true hillbilly can point out the direction of 'yonder'
hillbillys often get gas money by selling their truck.

hillbillys are also known as:
country folk
trailer park white trash
'i dun got me some roadkill, ahuhug'
'id rather you be quiet, stupid hillbilly'
'dawng..yous posh city folk..err..ahuhug.'
'look ma...i fund a spoon an its reel shiney like ahug.'
by Deano Griffin July 12, 2006

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