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A dirty-ass California based hippie that sells heroin and crack to custies on Phish lot. Known to drag hungry puppies through crowds while trying to sell their shit. Often missing as many teeth as brain cells. Love to say the words "heady", "shwill" and "braaah".
"I just saw a dirt surfer selling Family Fluff to a bunch of High School girls in DMB shirts"

"Dirt Surfers, Wooks and Custies ruined Phish Tour"

"The dirtiest dirt surfers now spread Hepatitis A on String Cheese" Tour"
by Dean Simmons October 28, 2004
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1.What a hungry, strung out dirt surfer or wook looks for on Phish/Dead lot.

2.Any food product recieved by a wook through a kick down.
"Who's got my kickfood?"

"The heady dready sista sellin' kynd veggie burritos gave me some kickfood, brah"

"Trey threw me a bag of kick food from the tour bus"
by Dean Simmons October 29, 2004
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