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The act of a strong man sticking his reproductive appendage in between two slices of bread. Then the weaker and smaller jail mate has to munch on it. OMNOMNOM!
Chang: Make me a sandwich women.
DeMarkus: Ok here (inserts his strong reproductive appendage in between two plump slices of Wonder Bread).
Chang: Thanks man thats just what I wanted a perfect plump and strong Jail Sandwich.
by DeMarkus & Chang November 27, 2010

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A mixture of dried snot, drool, and eye crust mixed with your first cup of coffee in the morning. If there was sexual intercourse or any other similar actions, cum and fecial mater, if involved, can also be added to make a more potent mixture.
Nothing wakes you up better than a nice steaming hot cup of morning brew.
by DeMarkus & Chang December 13, 2010

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1. Something that is used to transfer sandwiches over long distances.
2. Brittney uses it on Tuesdays to kill babies.
Bethany uses her vagina cannon on everyday except Tuesdays.
by DeMarkus & Chang December 10, 2010

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