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I was born and raised on Long Island...I love it, but it's just a shame that the cost is rising so damn high...the gangs are becoming more noticeable..and if you aren't wealthy or on welfare..you might as well start thinking about moving ...I would also like to add, that I noticed many people claiming that Bay Shore is like a "ghetto"..with drugs on every corner, $10 blows ..etc...I have lived in Bay Shore for 39 years..and you are way off...Yes, it does have the bad sections of town, but it also has it's extremely wealthy areas as well.. I don't see these so-called $10 blow jobs on the corners..maybe at a train station once in a blue moon years back but those people are not seen around anymore...Maybe some of you who have stated about the "blow job queens" and drug users on every corner don't notice the ones you have because they are better hidden underneath fancier clothes? I may not choose certain towns for myself to live but I certainly don't call them "ghettos" or slums....
Some towns in Long Island may not be to another's liking but don't label them as trashy
by Dawnmarie November 09, 2006

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girl who farts without telling
ew nastiness Sara
by DawnMarie April 02, 2012

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