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Ifk is an abbreviation that stands for "I Fucking Know"
Used to be typed out as a way to signify that when a person tells you something funny

and you are excited to identify with their amusement from a joke.

Ifk can also be used as an exclamation of annoyance if a proposition was repeated ad nauseam or is obvious.
"Dude, did you see that face plant that guy did? was the funniest thing ever!"
"IFK man! hahaha"

"Don't forget tomorrow to bring beers!"
"IFK! jeez"
by Dave_Says March 20, 2019
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1)When you and/or someone else Criticize a friend or a Political Party, or a News organization that lean towards your political affiliation, but don't agree on specifics and practicalities that fit your niche of that political affiliation.
In other words, you have the same broad worldview of how things should be but you disagree on the specifics.

2)One might blame another for "shooting in the tent" when he criticizes and chastises members of his own political party while the opponents of said party can gain power on the back of "Infighting".

The metaphor is for a guy that has a guy in a tent and has beef with one person and tries to shoot him while endangering his friends as well.
"Man, you really have to stop Shooting in the tent. we're all on the same side after all."

"You don't have to agree 100% and still work for the bigger issues.

But if you keep shooting in the tent you will bring all of us down!"
by Dave_Says April 24, 2019
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