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This is when a guy gets gets caught masturbating.
He was caught having a stroke.
by Dave- June 19, 2005
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One of the many popular ways for single men to meet single women and vice-versa. Becoming EXTREMELY popular and more and more people are trying it out. Can be used to just find people to be penpals, to meet people for friends, to meet people for serious relationships, and/or even to meet someone for the possibility of marriage.
Before you people (the ones that bad mounth these sites) criticize these personals, take a look around and look at the number of members and realize that more people are giving it a try. If you want, just try them out and you CAN meet someone that you may have never met otherwise. Some popular dating sites are: match.com, dreammates.com and yahoo! Persoanls.
by Dave- July 13, 2005
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This gamecube hit combines elements of Zelda games and it has the dark environments like Resident Evil.
by Dave- July 13, 2005
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