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The two or three day free-for-all spending spree that immediately follows one's monthly paycheque arrival.
I'm gonna be eating dustbunnies and dandruff sandwiches for the next three weeks...went and jizzed all my wages over millionaires weekend.
by Dave Luke Ford October 05, 2006

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A 'lady of the night' or 'working girl' that is not a viable 'purchase'. Reasons can include possible fore knowledge of certain diseases...past relations with family or close friends...or actual relation to you as a family member.

The term can also be loosely applied to females or even males who are of the low sexual moral standpoint and who are also well avoided in the sexual arena.
Me and Jake wandered around the corner from the proper red light district into the seedy back alleys...but we ran back after seeing nothing but 'no-go-hos'.

My cousin is a slut...but my uncle would cut my sack off...so she is a no-go-ho!
by Dave Luke Ford October 11, 2006

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