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1. Much more annoying, rude, and a meaner person than a bitch and a half. Therefore, he/she can only be described as a bitch and three fourths.
Damn, that girl isn't just a bitch and a half, she is truly a bitch and three fourths!
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1. A person of the female gender who feels unusually attracted to another memeber of the female gender. This person is usually not a lipstick lesbian. See Butch
2. A person who acts like a lesbian.
3. A common insult to call non homosexual women lesbians.
1. Yo dat gurl is such a lesboid. She be like more a man than any man I ever met.
2. Damn girl stop acting like some lesboid!
3. You are a lesboid.
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1.Anyone who defies social and/or etiquette norms by acting in a particularly odd manner. This can be achieved by staring at someone for long extended periods of time, bringing up topics that aren't socially acceptable in conversation, or just being plainly and unabashadly creepy to those around him/her.
Damn- look at that kid staring at us- isn't he such a creeper?

I would never be friends with someone as weird as she is. She is a total creeper!
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