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Contrary to popular definitions of 'troll bait,' one who is troll bait is not a victim or bullied. Those who are troll bait know exactly what they are doing and are in fact trolls themselves.

The term 'troll bait' describes a type of trolling commonly found on the internet. 'Troll bait' is used to describe an internet user who knowingly invites the hatred of a highly reactionary group of trolls. A common characteristic of all troll bait is that they do things that are known to invite swarms of trolls (e.g. Creating pointless and incendiary videos, calling out entire troll communities). They do this because they find the constant anger and hate from trolls amusing, especially since this form of trolling is a form of troll hunting (or counter-trolling). Any type of troll bait usually causes trolls to fall into their own trap (getting annoyed and becoming upset).

Another characteristic of troll bait is that they are widely popular, mostly due to the hate they receive. This is explained by the Streisand effect, where attempting to censor a form of media only draws more attention to it, making it even more popular. In some YouTube communities, troll bait videos, while rated poorly (as most troll bait videos are), may receive hundreds of thousands of views. As a result, the instant popularity that is possible from being troll bait makes this form of trolling even more attractive.
YouTube video: "I'm calling out (insert reactionary troll community here) for saying mean things about me. Stop it! I'm going to take you all down!"

The above, while appearing to admit defeat to trolls, actually causes more trolls to swarm, thus fulfilling the troll bait's purpose.
by Dashir July 6, 2013
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An internet expression used sarcastically when something is likely to either be blatantly false or poorly fabricated.
"This is US goverment. We have check for 100 US million ready to be deliver by armed escort to your location. I, as barrister, only request a legal fee of a mere $500 to process this transfer of funds." - Sounds legit
by Dashir November 24, 2012
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One who abuses the save system of a video game or the save-state system of an emulator to the extent that any challenge of playing the game is gone.

An individual who is especially prone to the dreaded death loop caused by saving in an impossible situation.

Notorious for making mario romhack LPs, where the save-state function of an emulator dominates and ruins any worth the video had.
retsupurae: "I'm just enjoying the jump - miss - save state - jump - miss - save state" (in reference to a video that had ridiculous amounts of save-whoring.)

Geoff has effectively ruined Far Cry 2 by saving his progress every second, until the final time when he panic saved whilst being crushed by a safari jeep.

Skyrim is a very save-whore friendly game, but is so fun that a real challenge is not necessary to enjoy it.
by Dashir December 3, 2012
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