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While many think of goths as bloodsucking vampiric satanists, very little of that is true. It's not just about gobs of eyeliner and white face paint. It's about being who we ARE.

I am a goth. I am proud to be one. I don't think it matters if I dress in all black, because I'm nicer to ANYBODY than any chav could ever be? Why? Simple. Golden Rule. Too bad ignorant chavs and self centered preps have failed to realize that. And no, listening to Marilyn Manson will not make you 'goth'. Nor will he 'un-goth' you. Same with any band. I myself listen to bands like Crossfade and Disturbed, but then I also listen to heavier things like Metallica and Dragonforce. But it's not just music. It's how you are. And who you are. So before you pathetic chav's go to pick on that 'freak' think about this. Who's more pathetic? The kid in black or you, going to pick on him because your self esteem is too low and your ego too big. Not to mention your pants don't stay up.
Chav:look at that goth what a loserrrrr
Chav2:i know right? let's go make fun of that weirdo
Chav1:what are you, goth, a VAMPIRE?
Goth:uh no?
Chav2: he is definitely a vampire dude.
Goth:go away, your arrogance and ignorance combined are enough to bring the armageddon.
Chav1: dude this guy makes NO sense
by Darkshadow7965156 February 23, 2007

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