2 definitions by Darkkarnage

Fucked up gay boy that gives sloppy joe´s in the bathroom. Usually a retard who goes and makes friends with the wrong people
Person1: Oh here we go again...
Person2: Who is that?
Person1: Johnnathan, some fucktard who hangs out with his gang.
Person2: He sounds like a fuckboy.
by Darkkarnage October 03, 2019
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A silent unintellegent shy person. A real hit and run. A bitch. Usually she´ll hit people and run to her friends so she doesnt get in trouble. Shes the person to do things if she isnt being watched, a real trouble maker.
Person1: Who´s that wierd chick with that sweatshirt wrapped around her?
Person2: Thats Kaylee.
Person3: She´s a bitch who hits people then runs away.
Person2: She always hits me with random shit
Person3: True that, True that.
by Darkkarnage October 03, 2019
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