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Person or people that mindlessly do what they are told, or just mill around in an easily controlable manner.
"No-one actually likes that stuff, they only think they do because that's what they are told to think. They're such sheep."
by DarkCryst March 30, 2004

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Derogatory term for, usually white, young men and boys who dress in tracksuit style outfits and generally hang around causing trouble.

Origin - from phrase "wubber, a useless word, for useless people."

Similar to a boy racer, but without a car. Wubbers have no purpose or use, someone with a car does.

A wubber with a car is called a 'fub'
"look at that guy, he's such a wubber."


"Damn, all he wubbers are out tonight."
by DarkCryst March 30, 2004

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