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Area code for parts of Middle Tennessee covering one of the realest and crunkest parts of the state..Biggest city in the area is Clarksville.
Person 1: Mayne it be poppin that 931!

Person 2: That's what up bruh!
by Darealone October 2, 2007
a short to average height female. Extremely pretty, funny, energetic, smart and analytical. has a petite figure usually. Breasts and rear end may be small but they're perfect for her tiny body. Tayanahs are good friend, loyal, and protective. If you meet a tayanah and become close with her, she will love and treat you like family
That tayanah need to meet the moms.
by Darealone February 19, 2012
On August 8 you have to grab a girls boob
August 8 is National grab boob day
by Darealone August 2, 2019