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An individual who possesses an infinite amount of pornographic-technique related knowledge.

Dirivative of the word: Omnipotent.
I remember when Mr. Chedders told me what Chilli-Doggin' was, Hes clearly Pornipotent.
by Danzo June 11, 2004

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A high sqeaky voice scream, it has no meaning but is used for annoying and scaring the shit out of old ladies.

Cool Ethan needs you to join the Navy!!
by Danzo January 01, 2004

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A shit wank

I.e somebody whipes their arse with their hand and jerks off with it instantly.
He is a dirty frocco
by Danzo December 21, 2003

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shit(e) derivative. (n) poo, or other substance, expletive.
"damn dat sum fiiiiine shizney!"
"and then it all went to shizney"
"that's the shizney!"
by danzo November 10, 2003

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