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An term occasionally used by inhabitants of Dorchester, Massachusetts (a neighborhood of Boston) to refer to their place of residence.
He thinks the world of his mother; he calls her "Saint Margaret of Dirty Dot".
by Dano2 April 6, 2010
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A portmanteau of "banker" and "gangster", popularized by (among others) the economist Murray N. Rothbard, used by him to attack what he held to be the inherently fraudulent nature of Fractional-Reserve banking (as opposed to 100% gold reserve banking, which he defended as the only honest form of banking). Frequently used in reference to The Fed.

In more recent popular usage, often refers in a vague way to the forces of "Wall Street", or to those persons in the financial services industry who grow rich despite the continued impoverishment of those who depend on their services, and despite their apparent inability to succeed in business without constant government assistance.
"The Fed is an organized cartel of banksters, who are creating inflation, ripping off the public, destroying the savings of the average American."

"The banksters crashed the economy, but thanks to generous federal bailouts, they won't have to sacrifice their fat bonuses."
by Dano2 February 16, 2010
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