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Something that is really amazing and fantastic whether it be a person,place,thing or idea

Originates From: A running joke within RoboCop is an inane TV show with the catchphrase "I'd buy that for a dollar!", which people in the film's future universe find humorous. The star is the goofy Bixby Snyder apparently based on Benny Hill. However neither the name of the show nor the character are ever revealed in the movie.
A person was watching the super bowl half time show, and Janet Jackson breasts got exposed.

The person says: Man, I'd buy that for a dollar!
by Danny Malt October 18, 2007
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1) Anytime a far less talented person wins a competition based on a sympathy vote, even though far more talented people deserved to win.
2) Winner of the first season of Last Comic Standing
(Some shitty singer on let's say American Idol wins because the audience feels sorry for him or her compared to the other people)
"Man she got the Dat Phan vote"
by Danny Malt October 18, 2007
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